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Acrylamide Premixed Solutions for DNA/RNA Gels

National Diagnostics offers premixed acrylamide solutions for DNA and RNA Gels:
1.) SequaGel-UreaGel 19:1 System;  
     SequaGel-UreaGel 19:1 components only: Concentrate (acrylamide, bis-acrylamide,
     and urea), Buffer, and Dilluent
2.) SequaGel-UreaGel 29:1 System
3.) SequalGel-UreaGel 6 and 8
4.) AccuGel 19:1 and AccuGel 29:1 (contains ratios of acrylamide and bis-acrylamide)
5.) AcrylaGel (acrylamide only) and Bis-AcrylaGel (bis solution only)
6.) SequaGel MD (permits minor mutational differences in DNA sequences)