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Thermo Scientific Pierce Adhesive Seals

Adhesive sealing and heat sealing both provide a highly efficient and robust method for protecting samples. These methods of sealing are much more convenient and cost effective than other capping methods. Our adhesive seals leave behind no sticky residue when the seal is removed, allowing the plate to be consecutively sealed. Foil seals are easily pierced and leave no adhesive buildup on pipette tip. The range includes both peelable and piercable options, and plates can be resealed multiple times. Heat sealing is an excellent option for higher throughput laboratories. Heat seals are also peelable, but heat sealing creates a hermetic bond with the plate, giving the best protection against evaporation and leakage. This adhesive free sealing gives high chemical resistance and minimizes the risk of extractable contaminants.

  • Designed for PCR. Optically clear for sample visibility
  • Recommended for use in conjunction with a cycler that has a screw-down or clip-down lid
  • Termperature range: -20°C to 120°C