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PROMEGA® is a registered trademark of Promega Corporation, Life Sciences.

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A1221, A1222 A1120, A1125 A1831, A1832, A1835 Z1001, Z1002  
A1330, A1460, A1465 A2051, A2052 A7170, A7180 Z3101, Z3100, Z3105
A2370, A2371 A2351, A2352 A9281, A9282 Z3351  
A2380, A2381 A2370, A2371 A9340, A9341, A9345 Z3500, Z3505  
A2392, A2393 A2670, A2671   Z3740  
A2492, A2495 A5081, A5082   Z6010, Z6011, Z6012
A7300 FF3760, FF3761