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HERMLE™ Benchmark Centrifuges and BUNDLE Promo's

Can't find the right Centrifuge for your applications ?
Email us ( with your specification needs.    
1.)  Specify Temperature Control:   Refrigerated or Non-Refrigerated
2.)  Specify Process Control:   Digital or Analog
3.)  Specify your required RPM or G Force ?
4.)  Specify Rotor:  
Swing-out, Fixed Angle, Microplate, Hematocrit, or Sealed rotor capability
5.)  Specify Tube Size, or PCR Strip

To order a HERMLE Benchmark BUNDLE (includes BundlePack),
see BOTTOM of page below. 
(Firm until March 31, 2018).

                CLICK on item Below to ORDER a BUNDLE.

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From $636.98
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Z216-MK and Z216-M Microcentrifuge
Includes a Free BundlePack
until 12-31-18

Eight rotor options with capacity up to 44 x 1.5/2.0ml
High speed, 15,000rpm/21,379xg
Powerful refrigeration, RT to 4C in <10 min
Accepts tubes from 0.2 to 5ml
From $4,725.00
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Multi-Purpose, one compact centrifuge that accepts: Swing out rotors (12 x 15ml or 8 x 50ml)
High Speed microtube rotors (up to 18,624xg)
Low-Medium speed fixed angle rotors for 15ml to 50ml
From $4,654.20
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Z326 centrifuges
Universal Centrifuge
Extremely versatile, 17 rotor options
Advanced programming with automatic rotor recognition
Available with refrigeration
12 x 15ml and 8 x 50ml swing out capacity
From $7,590.00
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Z366 and Z366-K Centrifuge
Includes a Free BundlePack
until 3-31-18

Mid-Range capacity, 12 x 50ml and 28 x15ml
Advanced programming with auto-rotor recognition
Optional high speed rotors, providing up to 24,000xg
Available with refrigeration
From $12,504.12
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Super Speed Centrifuge
Benchtop design, with the speed/power of a floor model
Super-Speed capability, up to 65,395 xg
Wide variety of high speed rotor options
From $1,945.97
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Z446 and Z446-K Centrifuge
HIGH CAPACITY swing out rotor, 68 x 15ml or 28 x 50ml
Ideal for Tissue Culture applications
Advanced programming with automatic rotor recognition
Available with refrigeration
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