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Bertin Precellys Bead Homogenizers, Cool System, & Bead Lysing Kits - Bertin Instruments


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1.)  CLICK HERE for Precellys Evolution Homogenizer
        A.) CLICK HERE for 7ml and 15ml tube Precellys Evolution Adapter Holder Packs
        B.) CLICK HERE for 96-well plate Precellys Evolution Adapter Holder Pack

2.)  CLICK HERE for Precellys 24 Homogenizer
3.)  CLICK HERE for Minilys Personal Homogenizer, holds 3x2ml or 1x7ml
4.)  CLICK HERE for Cryolys Cooling System for Precelly Homogenizers
5.)  CLICK HERE for all Lysing Kits (Prefilled with Beads) 
        A. CLICK HERE for 0.5ml Tube Lysing Kits (prefilled with beads)
        B. CLICK HERE for 2ml Tube Lysing Kits (prefilled with beads)
        C. CLICK HERE for 7ml Tube Lysing Kits (prefilled with beads)
        D. CLICK HERE for 15ml Tube Lysing Kits (prefilled with beads)
        E. CLICK HERE for 96-well break-apart plate Lysing Kit (prefilled with beads)

6.)  CLICK HERE for Bulk Beads (for filling your own empty tubes)
7.)  CLICK HERE for Empty Tubes with ScrewCaps (0.5ml, 2ml, 7ml, 15ml sizes)


Precellys Homogenizers  "The Science of Lysing"
Getting superior results is a delicate and time consuming process. Bertin Instruments manufactures superior Precellys™ homogenizers for the highest efficiency and flexibility in lysing, grinding, and homogenization. Precellys® homogenizers are based on bead beating technology for grinding samples, prior to DNA, RNA and protein analysis. These homogenizers, combined with dedicated lysing kits (30 available), are the best lab partner for saving time and improving efficiency of sample preparation homogenizing protocols. Flexibility and high efficiency give scientists the ability to prepare any type of soft or hard samples in seconds. Our large range of Lysing Kits feature different beads materials, base on specific application, prefilled in tubes or a 96 well plate. Available beads include metal, ceramic, glass and garnet. Kits are available with four different size tubes or a 96 well plate allowing for superior homogenizing of any size sample in multiple biological applications.

The Precellys line of homogenizers offers scientists an innovative system that is designed to optimize the critical steps during sample preparation and decrease sample processing time. Our high-throughput tissue homogenizer is designed to handle up to 24 samples in tubes at one time (96 in a break-apart plate), and 90% of samples can be homogenized in less than a minute. Downstream applications include protein, drug, metabolite, DNA or RNA extraction and this versatility also extends to sample type as well. We have an extensive application center with optimized Precellys protocols for the the homogenization of human or animal tissues, lysing of micro-organisms, or grinding of hard samples such as hair or bone.
Sample preparation is critical to obtain the adequate quantity and quality of interest molecules from biological samples. Particularly, the Precellys® Evolution can process 4 different sizes of tubes (up to 24 tubes simultaneously) and 96-well PCR plates.

1.)  From 8 to 96 wells (200-300µL size wells in PCR plate)
2.)  From 1 to 24 tubes (2mL and 0.5mL size tubes)
3.)  From 1 to 12 tubes (7ml tube)
4.)  From 1 to 6 tubes (15mL tube)
5.)  One 96 well break-apart plate (12x8well TubeStrips with 8-well CapStrips)