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Sterile Bottle Top Filter Units

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CellTreat Bottles, Sterile Media Bottles
500ml capacity Square Media Bottles, 33mm Neck OD, PETG plastic, Sterile Individually Wrapped, 24/case
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CellTreat Bottles, Storage Solution Bottles
Storage Solution Bottles
• Sterile Individually Wrapped
• Store Media, Buffers, Aqueous Solutions

Also use with CellTreat's BottleTop and Vacuum Filter System units as additional filtrate storage vessels.
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CellTreat Filters, Bottle Top Filters
Bottle Top Filter Units
• 4 different capacity units • 0.45µm and 0.22µm pore sizes
• Use with Media/Solution bottles with 45mm diameter neck
STERILE units with polystyrene funnels,
choose PES membrane or Nylon membrane.
NON-STERILE units with polypropylene funnels,
choose Nylon membrane or PTFE membrane.
All RNase, DNase, DNA, Pyrogen Free.
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