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Pipet Tips - from CellTreat

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Low Retention Pipet Tips
Delivers superior reproducibility and accuracy performance with exceptional value. A perfected balance between raw materials and efficient manufacturing process results in superior low retention.

• Reloads: 20 reloads/case (2x960, 1920 tips/case), Non-sterile
• Preloaded Racks: 10 racks/case (960 tips/case), Sterile
• Empty Racks for Reloads available (20/pack), Inquire

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Celltreat Pipet Tips, Filtered
Sterile Filter Pipette Tips
Low Retention, All sizes are packaged 10x96/case, 960/case

Low Retention smooth, hydrophobic surface technology
• Universal fitting pipette tips for all popular pipettors
• Provides superior sample transfer reproducibility
• Ideal for Real Time PCR and other sensitive assays
• Equipped with High Density Polyethylene Filter (HDPE)
• Filter eliminates both pipettor & sample aerosol contamination

Volume reference markings:
10µL Standard: 2µL and 10µL reference marks
10µL Extended Length: 2µL, 5µL and 10µL reference marks
20µl: 20µl reference mark
100µl: 20µl, 50µl and 100µl reference marks
200µL: 20µL, 50µL, 100µL and 200µL reference marks
300µL: 10µL, 50µL, 100µL, 200µL and 300µL reference marks
1000µL Standard: 100µL, 500µL and 1000µL reference marks
1250µL Extended Length: 150µL, 300µL, 500µL & 1000µL marks

Certified RNase/DNase/Pyrogen FREE.
Packaged Sterile in hinged racks (recyclable).
All sizes are packaged 10x96/case, 960/case.
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