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CELLTREAT Multi-Well plates

CELLTREAT™ Scientific Products' cultureware integrity undergoes a 'double QC testing process' to assure the highest quality, reliability and performance. CELLTREAT Scientific Products includes a comprehensive "Quality Certificate" with every case of product. The CELLTREAT "Quality Certificate" includes the Part Number, Lot Number, Sterility Assurance Level and Dosage, Endotoxin/Pyrogen Free Assurance, Non-Cytotoxicity Assurance and RNase/DNase Free Assurance. The CELLTREAT "Quality Certificate" was designed to include those items found on Certificates of Compliance and Certificates of Assurance. The CELLTREAT Scientific Products "Quality Certificate" is specific to each part number and lot of manufactured product
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Celltreat Plate, Suspension Non-Ttreated Multi-Well
Sterile Multiple Well Plates
Individual Pack, and 5 Pack. Polystyrene, NOT Tissue Culture Treated (for suspension culture). Single direction lid. Sterile (gamma irradiated)
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Celltreat Plates, Tissue Culture Treated Multi-Well
Tissue Culture Treated for cell attachment. Single direction lid. Sterile (gamma irradiated).
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4 Well Tissue Culture Plate with Lid, Individual, Sterile 50/case
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6 Well Tissue Culture Plate with Lid, Individual, Sterile 100/case
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