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Plasmid DNA Kits   Genomic DNA Kits   DNA/RNA Clean-Up   RNA Kits

CS10100 K182001, K182002 CS12000, CS12000-10 4451893
K2100-04 4413021 K210012, K210025 4463365
K2100-06, K2100-07 12280-050 K3100-01, K3100-02 12183018A
K2100-10 122800-096A K310050, K310250 12183-555
K2100-14 AM1975 K3100-96A 12280-050
K2110-04A CS11000   15596026, 15596018
K2100-16, K2100-17 CS11301   AM1560
  CS18000   AM1836, MB1836-5
  K310050, K310250   AM1912
  K3100-96A   AM1931