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Compare Thermo Scientific GeneJET™

THERMO® and GeneJET™ are registered trademarks of Thermo Scientific.

CLICK ON specific Thermo Scientific GeneJET™ Catalog # below
to view comparable OMEGA BIO-TEK product.
(Note, this Isolation product line was called 'Fermentas', prior to their acquisition.)

Plasmid DNA      Genomic DNA     Clean-Up Kits         RNA Kits

K0481, K0482 K0721, K0722 K0691, K0692 K0731, K0732
K0491, K0492 K0781, K0782 K0701, K0702 K0801, K0802
K0502, K0503 K0791, K0792 K0831, K0832 K0821
K0861 K0881, K0882 K0841, K0842 K0871
K2791, K2792 K2721, K2722   K2731, K2732
  K2741, K2742   K2751
  K2761, K2762   K2781, K2782