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Compare ZYMO Research

Zymo Research® is a registered trademark of Zymo Research Corporation.

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DNA Kits                                                                                      RNA Kits
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D2004 D4019, D4020, D4036, D4037 R1015, R1016
D3006, D3007, D3024, D3025 D4025 R1020, R1022
D3020, D3021 D4026 R1050, R1051
D3040, D3041 D4027, D4028 R1054, R1055
D3050, D3051 D4041, D4042, D4043 R1100-50, R1100-250
D3070, D3071 D5205 R2050, R2052
D3072, D3073 D6001  
D3074 D6005  
D3100 D6016  
D3110 D6030  
D4001, D4002 D6035  
D4003, D4004 D7001  
D4007, D4008
D7020, D7021  
D4013, D4014 D7022, D7023  
D4015, D4016, D4054