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Cryo-Babies (Rectangular shaped labels)

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Specify Color - CryoBabies Labels
For 1.5ml-2.0ml tubes and all cryovials
1.28"x0.50" (33mm x 13mm) Rectangular labels
Made from polyvinyl.
-196°C to 80°C (vapor phase and liquid LN storage)
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Specify Color, Cryo-Babies on Laser Sheets
For 1.5ml-2.0ml MicroTubes
1.28" x 0.50" (33mm x 13mm) rectangular labels
Made of polyolefin (-196°C to 150°C)
85/sheet (5x17), 20 sheets/pack
Specify Color: White, Clear (Transparent), Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, or Assorted 5-color pack
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Cryo-Babies on Laser Sheets
For 500µl/0.65ml tubes and all cryovials
Specify Color
0.94"x0.50" (24mm x 13mm) Rectangular
Made of polyolefin, -196°C to 150°C
119/sheet (7x17), 20 sheets/pack, 2380/packs
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