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DP 9mm Vial ScrewCaps Featuring AVCS (Advance Vial Closure System)

AVCS (Advance Vial Closure System)
Target DP 9mm Vial Closures

Innovative Closure Technology. Unmatched performance.

Our DP 9mm C5000 series vial closure system is an innovative, flexible and performance driven vial closure system built on AVCS technology (Advance Vial Closure System).

These new DP 9mm closures are designed to help chromatographers achieve more reliable and efficient sample analysis. Designed to accommodate nearly all chromatography autosamplers fitted for 12x32cm vial trays, the C5000 series closure effectively eliminates septa push-through and significantly enhances productivity and flexibility in the laboratory.

Three C5000 options are available:

Solid Top, Integral Membrane, or Wide Opening.

  • No septa push through due to AVCS technology
  • Increased sealing capability
  • Unlimited options in selecting the best septum for your instrument and applications
  • Cost efficient closure as current choices for resolving push through (bonded septa) become obsolete
  • Optimized ergonomics, fine texturing and evenly space ribbing for handling even with poorly fitting gloves
Choose from three C5000 options (Links below):
1.) Solid Top  2.) Integral Membrane, or 3.) Wide Opening.