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EMPIRICAL Biosciences - Taq & qTaq Products; Reagents

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Enzymes Products for PCR   
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  1.) Taq DNA Polymerase (with or without buffer)       
  2.) FlashTaq HotStart DNA Polymerase (with or without buffer)
  3.) 10X GC Enhancers
  4.) Integrity High Fidelity DNA Polymerases (with buffer)
  5.) AlloyTaq High Fidelity Blend (with buffer)
  6.) Taq 2X Master Mix (Standard Colorless)
  7.) FlashTaq HotStart 2X Master Mix (Colorless)
  8.) 5X Multiplex Master Mix (Detergent Free)
  9.) Taq 2X MeanGreen Master Mix
10.) FlashTaq HotStart 2X MeanGreen Master Mix
11.) UltraPure dNTP Mixes and Bundles
12.) EasyLOAD DNA Ladders (with MeanGreen Loading Dye)
13.) MeanGreen Buffer
14.) MeanGreen Loading Dye

Enzyme Product for qPCR
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  1.) rEVAlution 2X qPCR Master Mix       

Enzyme product for RT
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  1.) RTScript cDNA Synthesis Kit (M-MLV reverse transcriptase)

All Empirical Products are shipped Frozen directly from Empirical Bioscience to ensure product integrity. Dry Ice and Overnight Fees apply, and will be added to the invoice. Store all products at -20°C upon arrival.

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