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Sealpette™Pro Multi-Channel Pipettors

Sealpette™ Pro Multi-Channel Variable Volume Pipettors

 Sealpette™ Pro variable volume, multi-channel pipettors are a range of autoclavable pipettors from 0.5μl to 300μl. They are robust yet light in weight and feature very low tip ejection and pipetting forces. The Sealpette™ Pro manual pipettor is fully autoclavable (20 minutes at 121°C) without the need for re-calibration. These pipettors meet appropriate DIN/ISO standards. Each instrument passes stringent control procedures in accordance with ISO/DIS 8655 and bears its own QC certificate. To ensure accuracy and precision these pipettors are individually calibrated and supplied with a quality control certificate.

The Sealpette™ Pro tip cone, except the 0.5–10µl models, is supplied with a standard filter for protection against pipettor contamination by aerosol or over-pipetting. The replaceable filters minimize all possible contamination of the internal components of your Sealpette™, even in the event of overpipetting by acting as a final barrier. Please note that filters need to be replaced regularly. There are two types of replacement filter available; The Standard filter for general applications and the Plus filter for more demanding applications such as molecular biology, cell culture, bacterial and virological work.

Choose the model you require from the table below and click on the model number, or model image under the table, to see the full product specifications, features and purchasing options.

Cat. No.
Channels Vol. (µl) Incr. (µl) Test Vol. (µl) Inacc. (±%) Impr. (±%) Tips  
480-190 8 0.5–10 0.01 10/5/1 1.50/2.50/4.00 1.00/2.50/4.00 LT6501-series
480-191 8 5-100 0.10 100/50/10 0.70/1.00/3.00 0.25/0.70/1.50 LT6509-series
480-192 8 30-300 0.20 300/150/30 0.60/1.00/2.00 0.25/0.50/1.00 LT6511-series
480-193 12 0.5-10 0.01 10/5/1 1.50/2.50/4.00 1.00/2.50/4.00 LT6501-series
480-194 12 5-50 0.10 100/50/10 0.70/1.00/3.00 0.25/0.70/1.50 LT6509-series            
480-195            12 30-300        0.2 300/150/30 0.60/1.00/2.00 0.25/0.50/1.00 LT6511-series