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Labnet™ Hotplate, Stirrer, Hotplate Stirrer

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AccuPlate Analog Units
AccuPlate™ Analog Units
• Precise control of temperature and stirring speeds
• Maximum hot temperature surface 380°C
• 5 liter stirring capacity
• Low profile design with 7”x7” top plate
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AccuPlate Digital Units
AccuPlate™ digital hot plate, stirrer, hot plate stirrer are versatile, powerful and easy to use. Every unit is built for consistent performance and long term reliability.

Accessories Sold Separately, Inquire:
D0461 Accessory Kit, Includes D0462 and D0466
D0462 External temperature probe
D0463 PTFE Stir Bar
D0464 Boss head clamp, holds D0465
D0465 Holding rod for D0462
D0466 Vertical support rod
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