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LifeLINE™ LABWARE - with Discounted prices


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   Products that are used Everyday.

 A.)  Aerosol Filter Tips

       Agarose (LE Powder)

       Assay MicroPlates

       Autoclave Bags

 B.)  Benchtop Protectors


       Blotting Boxes

       Blotting Paper & Membrane

       Boxes (Freezer, Biohazard, Gel, Hot)

C.)  Conical Centrifuge Tubes

      Containers, Trays, Bottles

      Cryogenic Vials

      Culture Tubes


D.)  DeepWell Plates

      DNA Ladders

E.)  Electroporation Cuvettes

      ELISA Plates

F.)  Filter Pipet Tips

      Foil and Plastic Wrap

K.)  Kimwipes

L.)  Labels and Stickers (Div.Bio.)

M.)  Microcentrifuge Tubes


      Microscope Slides

N.)  Nitrocellulose Membrane

P.)  Parafilm M Film

      PCR Plates

      PCR Tubes and Strip Tubes

      Petri Dishes

      Pipet Tips

      Plates (Includes Assay, ELISA, & PCR plates)

      Precast PAGE Gels

      Protein Markers

      PVDF Membrane

R.)  Racks

       Razor Blades

      Reservoir Solution Basins

S.)  Sealing Films (Excel Sci.)

T.)  Tape

      Transfer Membranes

      Transfer Pipets (Disposable)

W.)  Weigh Dishes

X.)  X-Ray Film