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LifeLINE™ PCR Tubes, Strips, Plates, & Sealing film

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1-PCR Tubes and 8-Strips
LifeLINE™ PCR Tiubes & Strips
• Certified RNase, DNase, DNA, and PCR inhibitor free
• Choose: 'Low Profile' 0.1mL or 0.2ml size strips
• Ultra-thin, uniform wall thickness for thermal transfer
• White strip tubes, non-autofluorescent for enhanced qPCR
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1-PCR-96 PCR
PCR Plates and Sealing films
• Free of DNase, RNase, DNA, PCR Inhibitor, ATP, Endotoxin
• Ultra-thin walled tube wells for best heat transfer
• Compatible with popular Thermal Cylers
• Alpha and numeric reference grids for well ID

5 sleeves of 10 plates/pack, 50 plates/pack

Pre-cut Sealing films for Storage, PCR, and qPCR
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