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Omni Powder-Free Latex & Nitrile, and more

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From $59.90
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Omni Blue Powder-Free Nitriles
• Priced less than $0.06 per glove • Non-Sterile
• Trusted with EasyStretch modulus for super fit and comfort.
• 3.0mil average thickness, 9½" length (240mm)
• Examination Grade, Powder-Free, Ambidextrous
• Aqua Blue color. • Textured Fingers for Tactile Sensitivity
• Comfortable, Soft - Conforms like a Second Skin
100/box, 10x100/box (1000/case)
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Omni SuperiorFit™ Exam Latex Gloves
Polymer Lined (PL) Interior for enhanced protection,
easy doning, and reduced sweat.
Triple Dionized Water Rinsed. Texture grip.
5.0 mil average thickness
Examination Grade Powder-Free Gloves
10 boxes of 100/case (1000 gloves)

Compare with Microflex™ Evolution One™ and DiamondGrip™, E-Grip™, Vibrant™, Distinct™, Velocity™, and SkinTX™.
From $11.50
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• Save over smaller 100/box sizes
• Packed in DOUBLE-Size 200/Box !
• Priced less than $0.06 per glove.
• HighTack texture. WetGrip surface, repells water like latex.
PL (Polymer Lined) Interior coating for added safety; EZ doning.
• Features easyStretch modulus for super fit and more comfort.
• 2.5mil average thickness, 9½" length (240mm)
• Examination Grade, Powder-Free, Chemotherapy Drug Tested
• AquaBlue color. 200/box, 10x200/box (2000/case)
From $15.10
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• Compare and Save
• Packed in TRIPLE-size 300/Box !
• Priced less than $0.05 per glove.
• Features WetGrip surface. Repells water like latex.
• Features easyStretch modulus for superior fit and comfort.
• 2.5mil average thickness, 9½" length (240mm)
• Examination Grade, Powder-Free
ColbaltBlue color, 10x300/box (3000/case)
From $69.00
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BLACK, OmniTrust™ SuperiorFit-HT
Powder-Free 'HighTack' Nitriles, Polymer-Coated
SuperiorFit HT, Easy- Stretch, Thermal Activated Glove
(Will conform to your hand as the glove warms)
Accelerator-Free to reduce allergy sensitivities
9½” Length - 2.5 mil average thickness
10x100/box (1000 gloves/case)
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Latex Powder-Free Examination Gloves
5.0 mil average* thickness
100/box, 10 boxes/case (1000 gloves)

Note: when ordering, Specify size.
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HF-N19X (CS)
Nitrile - Cobalt Blue color
Powder-Free Medical Exam Grade
9½" Length, 4.0 mil average thickness
100 gloves/box, 10 boxes/case (1000/case)
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HF-N73X (CS)
Sensation® Soft Nitrile Exam Gloves
Periwinkle Blue, Powder Free
~3.0mil Average Thickness
100 gloves/box, 10 boxes/case (1000/case)
From $74.50
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Surfactant-Free Wet Grip Technology - Accellerator Free
plus More Stretch for Better Comfort
Powder-Free FreeStyle1100 series
Tested safe for use with chemotherapy drugs
Colbalt Blue color, Flexible Nitrile Exam
3.0 mil average, 9½" length (240mm)
Low Dermatitis Potential
Powder-Free, Ambidextrous, Specify size
100/box, 10 boxes/case (1000 gloves)

Compare with Sensation, UltraSense, Stretchease, and other brands. Save.
From $165.40
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• REDUCE Glove costs with RoyalTouch300's !
• Powder-Free Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves
• 3.0 mil average, 9½" length (240mm)
• Exceptional Strength • Superior chemical resistance
Max-easyStretch • Powder-Free, Ambidextrous,
• Meets ASTM F1671 Viral Penetration Test.
XS, SM, MD, LG: 300/box, 10 bx/case (3000 gloves/case)
* XL size has 250/box, 10 boxes/case (2500 gloves/case)
From $74.50
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Thinner...but Stronger ! !
Powder-Free AirSoft900 series, AquaBlue
3.5 mil average, 9.6"L (245mm), Ambidextrous
Stretchable comfort (Soft Fit, Low-Modulus)
100/box, 10 boxes/case (1000 gloves)
From $53.60
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Synthetic Stretch Vinyl CF Gloves (Comfort Fit)
Exam Grade, Powder-Free Non-Sterile, 5.0 mil thickness
100/box, 10 boxes/case, 1000 gloves

aka PVC gloves (PolyVinyl Chloride)
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