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PIPET TIPS (& pipettors)

MultiFit™ BesTip™Guaranteed SUPERIOR Technology    

Superior design for the Best Accuracy and Reproducibility
Our newly designed LowBind MµltiFit BesTips with superior technology are satisfaction guaranteed. Our BesTips, now designed with tapered flash-free orifices and thinner  smoother walls for tighter tolerances, are superior in accuracy and reproduciblity when compared to popular brands. BesTips, manufactured from the latest pure virgin resin polymers to assure the highest strength and clarity, feature superior tapered orifice with thin uniform wall technology to assure the best liquid handling performances and sample delivery.  BesTips are uniquely designed with ultra-thin, flash-free tapered orifices to reduce liquid surface retention while maximizing hydrophobic (low binding) properties for greater sample delivery and recovery. Specifically, when compared to popular beveled orifice style pipet tips, our BesTips with tapered orifices are more accurate and reproducible.  Our comparative research shows that our tapered orifice BesTips have 3 times less liquid retentive orifice surface area than beveled versions.  Satisfaction is guaranteed.  If not, return product for a full refund.  BesTip also feature soft flare-like SecuRings™ in its collar (crown) to assure complete, easy, and universal MµltiFit pipettor seal attachment, and easy ergonomic ejection.

MµltiFit™ BesTip™Guaranteed
SUPERIOR Quality Assurance

MµltiFit BesTips are manufactured from the finest raw materials using precise production techniques that provide consistent quality performance.  MµltiFit BesTips are produced in state-of-art automated equipment in a HEPA filtered environment.  All primary products are made from virgin polymers and contain no recycled, reprocessed, or altered plastics that might introduce contamination or defects..  All products are packed in particulate-free plastic. Every lot of each product can be traced to the corresponding raw materials and production date.  In addition to continual in-process control monitoring, all product lots are sampled after packaging and tested in our quality control laboratory, as well as by independent laboratories.  The result is a contaminant-free product of highest quality.  All MµltiFit BesTips are guaranteed to be certified by independent laboratories to be free of contaminants.

  • Certified RNase/DNase-Free
  • Certified Human DNA and PCR Inhibitor-Free
  • Certified Non-pyrogenic (Endotoxin Free)
  • Certified Sterility on sterile packaging, validated using Method 1 guidelines of AAMI.