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Polyethersulfone Inquire for pricing


Catalog #            Polyethersulfone (PES)            

SN3WP01300       DISKS, PES, 0.03µm, 13mm, 100/pack
S50WP01300       DISKS, PES, 5.0µm, 13mm, 100/pack

SN3WP02500       DISKS, PES, 0.03µm, 25mm, 100/pack
S02WP02500       DISKS, PES, 0.22µm, 25mm, 100/pack
S04WP02500       DISKS, PES, 0.45µm, 25mm, 100/pack
S12WP02500       DISKS, PES, 1.2µm, 25mm, 100/pack
S50WP02500       DISKS, PES, 5.0µm, 25mm, 100/pack

S01WP04700       DISKS, PES, 0.1µm, 47mm, 100/pack
S02WP04700       DISKS, PES, 0.22µm, 47mm, 100/pack
S04WP04700       DISKS, PES, 0.45µm, 47mm, 100/pack
S08WP04700       DISKS, PES, 0.8µm, 47mm, 100/pack
S12WP04700       DISKS, PES, 1.2µm, 47mm, 100/pack
S50WP04700       DISKS, PES, 5.0µm, 47mm, 100/pack

S02WP09025       DISKS, PES, 0.22µm, 90mm, 25/pack
S04WP09025       DISKS, PES, 0.45µm, 90mm, 25/pack
S08WP09025       DISKS, PES, 0.8µm, 90mm, 25/pack
S12WP09025       DISKS, PES, 1.2µm, 90mm, 25/pack
S50WP09025       DISKS, PES, 5.0µm, 90mm, 25/pack

S02WP14225       DISKS, PES, 0.22µm, 142mm, 25/pacK
S04WP14225       DISKS, PES, 0.45µm, 142mm, 25/pack

S02WP29325       DISKS, PES, 0.22µm, 293mm, 25/pack
S04WP29325       DISKS, PES, 0.45µm, 293mm, 25/pack
S06WP29325       DISKS, PES, 0.65µm, 293mm, 25/pack

SN3WP315F5       DISKS, PES, 0.03µm, 15 X 15cm, 5/pack 

SN3WP320F5      SHEETS, PES, 0.03µm, 20 X 20cm, 5/pack
S01WP320F5      SHEETS, PES, 0.1µm, 20 X 20cm, 5/pack
S02WP320F5      SHEETS, PES, 0.22µm, 20 X 20cm, 5/pack
S04WP320F5      SHEETS, PES, 0.45µm, 20 X 20cm, 5/pack
S06WP320F5      SHEETS, PES, 0.6µm, 20 X 20cm, 5/pack
S08WP320F5      SHEETS, PES, 0.8µm, 20 X 20cm, 5/pack
S12WP320F5      SHEETS, PES, 1.2µm, 20 X 20cm, 5/pack 
S30WP320F5      SHEETS, PES, 3.0µm, 20 X 20cm, 5/pack
S50WP320F5      SHEETS, PES, 5.0µm, 20 X 20cm, 5/pack
S50WP32030      SHEETS, PES, 5.0µm, 20 X 20cm, 30/pack
S80WP320F5      SHEETS, PES, 8.0µm, 20 X 20cm, 5/pack      
S02WP00010       ROLL, PES, 0.22µm, 30cm X 3m
S04WP00010       ROLL, PES, 0.45µm, 30cm X 3m
S08WP00010       ROLL, PES, 0.8µm, 30cm X 3m
S12WP00010       ROLL, PES, 1.2µm, 30cm X 3m
S50SH00010        ROLL, PES, 5.0µm, 30cm X 3m

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