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ProPette™ Pipette Controller with QuickStand - ON SALE -

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ProPette™ XL Pipette Controller
• Ergonomic & comfortable
• Features retractable QuickStand for standing up
­• Variable Speed Controller
• Cordless and Rechargeable
• LED displays battery life
• 10 hours of continuous operation
• For pipettes from 1ml to 100ml
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Replacement Filter for P6080, 0.45um, 5/pk
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ProPette™ Reach Long Neck
• Features 19cm length "extended neck"
• Perfect for use under the hood
• Allows user to rest elbow on bench
• Ergonomic design for easy us
• QuickStand™ Retractable Kickstand
• 8-hour rechargeable battery life
• Pressure-sensitive speed control
• For pipettes from 1ml to 100ml
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