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Can't find the right Centrifuge for your applications ?
Email us with your specification needssales@e-LSPIcom     
1.)  Specify Temperature Control:   Refrigerated or Non-Refrigerated
2.)  Specify Process Control:   Digital or Analog
3.)  Specify your required RPM or G Force ?
4.)  Specify Rotor:  
Swing-out, Fixed Angle, Microplate, Hematocrit, or Sealed rotor capability
5.)  Specify Tube Size, or PCR Strip

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Microcentrifuge, Superior Air Cooled System, High Speed (15,000 rpm)
with 24 x 1.5/2.0ml place rotor with cover
Digital display, Quiet operation

Additional rotors and tube adapters available.

Includes FREE D1008 Mini-Centrifuge, unitl 12-29-19.; $176 value
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0-4500rpm, Max. RCF 2490xg
8 x 15ml rotor
Adapters for various sized tubes(sold separately)
Analog control
2 year warranty
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Model D3024R Refrigerated Microcentrifuge
High Speed (15,000 rpm)
with 24-place rotor (with cover)
Powerful cooling, Digital display, Quiet
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