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ZapCap-S BottleTop Filter with 0.45µm CA membrane

SKU: ZP-10443411

Short Description

For Cell Culture
ZapCap-S BottleTop Filter
0.45µm Cellulose Acetate
membrane with prefilter.
Fits glass media bottles with
33mm to 45mm diameter neck.

Ideal for filtration and clarification of Cell Culture media and other aqueous based solutions.

ZapCap-S BottleTop Filter (for vacuum filtration)

500ml BottleTop Filter (with 0.45µm Cellulose Acetate Membrane).
Includes a borosilicate prefilter, if it's use is necessary to increase flow rate with viscous solutions.
Low protein binding, non-cytotoxic, non-pyrogenic cellulose acetate membrane. 
Large 76mm (3") membrane diameter for fast flow rate.
Fits glass media bottles with neck sizes of 33mm to 45mm diameter. 
Pliable gasket material conforms to any irregularities in the bottle lip.
Filters are sterile (gamma irradiated) and individually packaged.

Applying vacuum produces a positive, stable seal on any standard media bottle (from 33-45mm).  No tedious screwing and unscrewing of the bottletop is necessary before applying the vacuum,, so you can move quickly from bottle to bottle.  
Furnished as a complete 500ml unit with tubing nozzle.

12 units per case