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Agarose from Benchmark Scientific

Benchmark Agaroses
Benchmark Agarose, "The Green Choice'
• Organic Solvent Free Agarose "The Green Choice"
• Molecular Biology Electrophoresis Grade
• Certified RNase, DNase,and Protease FREE
• Fast and Easy Dissolving with Excellent Transparency of Gels
Available in Powder and in Tablets
From $52.70

FluoroDye 6X DNA Fluorescent Loading Dye, Green, Specify 1ml or 1ml x 5

FluoroDye DNA Fluorescent Loading Dye, Green
6X concentration

Specify: 1 ml size, or 1 ml x 5 size when ordering.

FluoroStain DNA Fluorescent Staining Dye, Green 10,000X, Specify 500ul or 500ul x 5 (Safe Alternative for Ethidium Bromide)

Ready-to-Use, Safe Alternative to Ethidium Bromide
FluoroStain DNA Fluorescent Staining Dye
Green, 10,000X

Specify: 500ul size, or 500ul x 5 size when ordering.

QuickSILVER, 1X Powdered Buffer Packs

1-Accuris QuickSilver Powdered Buffers
QuickSilver Buffers for:
• Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis (TAE, TBE, Fast Running Buffer)
• Protein Electrophoresis (Tris-Glycine-SDS, Tris-MES-SDS,
and Tris-MOPS-SDS)
• Western Blotting (PBS, PBST, TBS, TBST)
• Cell Culture (TBS, PBST, PBS)
• ELISA Immunology Assays (TBST, TBS, PST, PBS)
• Chromatography (TBS, PBST, PBS)

• Stop wasting valuable time preparing buffers
• Prepare liter quantities of fresh 1X buffer in minutes
• Each box make 50 or 100 liters of 1X buffer
• 80% less shipping weight than Premixed Liquid
• QuickSilver Buffers are an incredible bargain
• Priced as low as 85¢ per liter of 1X buffer

See Below for Product Details
From $89.60

SmartBlue™ Mini Transilluminator

SmartBlue™ Mini Transilluminator
• Safe blue light, optimized for SmartGlow™ and SYBR® stains
• Bright and uniform illumination
• Scratch proof, glass protected surface for gel cutting
• Super compact, perfect for gels up to 10x10 cm
• Filter cover blocks 100% of blue wavelength
• Dual position filter cover: for gel viewing or gel access
$457.00 $388.50

SmartGlow™ LD (Loading Dye) with Safe Green Stain for Nucleic Acid Gels, 1ml (6X)X

SmartGlow™ LD (Loading Dye) with Safe Green Stain for Nucleic Acid Gels
(Note - Add directing to DNA sample before pipetting into gel.) Emits green fluorescence when bound to dsDNA, ssDNA, or RNA
1 ml bottle, 6X concentration
$116.15 $98.80

SmartGlow™ PS (Pre-Stain) for Nucleic Acid Gels (The Safe Alternative for Ethidium Bromide) 1ml (20,000X)

SmartGlow™ PS (Pre-Stain) for Nucleic Acid Gels
Direct, safe alternative for Ethidium Bromide
Emits Green fluorescence when bound to dsDNA, ssDNA, and RNA.
1ml bottle (20,000X concentration)
$116.15 $98.80