Dishes, Tissue Culture

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CELLTREAT Glass-Bottom Tissue Culture Plates & Dishes

CellTreat Glass Bottom Dishes & Multi-Plates
Glass-Bottom Plates & Dishes
• Glass bottom plates & dishes with borosilicate glass bottom wells
• Convenient live cell viewing without needing to transfer
• Optical clear round borosilicate cover glass, #1.5, 0.175mmThick
• Noncytotoxic medical adhesive adheres cover glass to plate, dish
• Standard footprint for minimal disruption in cell culture technique
• Growth: 6-well(3.14cm²), 24-well(0.78cm²), 30mm dish(1.77cm²)
• CoverGlass: 6-well(25mm), 24-well(10mm), 30mm dish(15mm)
• Working: 6-well(2-8ml), 24-well(0.5-1.5ml), 30mm dish(1.4-3.5ml)
• Constructed with noncytotoxic medical adhesive
• Packaged Sterile, RNase, DNase, Pyrogen/Cytotoxin Free

Applications: Cell culture and imaging, live cell observation and specialty microscopy, such as confocal high resolution & contrast. Use in high-magnification in live cell microscopy, confocal image analysis, fluorescence, and polarized light imaging with in-vitro cell cultures.
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CellTreat™ Brand Tissue Culture Dishes

Celltreat Dishes, Tissue Culture Dishes
Tissue Culture Treated (TCT), polystyrene. Hydrophilic surface for enhanced cell attachment. Offset bottom for easy handling. Growth area 8.5cm2. Sterile (gamma irradiated).
From $113.50