Deep Well Plates

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CellTreat- 96 Deep Well Storage Plates

2-Celltreat Deep Well Plates
• Packaged Non-Sterile, RNase, DNase, Pyrogen Free
• Used for the growth of bacterial cultures and storage
• Square or Round wells; V-Bottom, U-Bottom, or Pyramid Bottoms
• Pyramid bottom eases sample retrieval. When agitated, mixing is . . improved creating a sloshing effect rather than a vortex
• Use Magnetic Beads with Round U-Bottom/Round Well plates
• Low-bind polypropylene- better elution & chemical compatibility
• All Deep Well Plates meet SBS footprint robotic compliance

Search "SEALING FILM" for plate adhesive sealing sheets.
: #ST-3094 (Polyester) or #ST-0626 (Aluminum)
From $129.35

LifeLINE Brand - Deep Well Titer Plates, 24-well, 48-well, 96-well, 384-well

1-Deep Well Plates
LifeLINE™ Brand
• Polypropylene (to +121°C) and Polystyrene (to +70°C)
• Sterile and Non-Sterile
• RNase, DNase, Pyrogen Free
• All Deep Well Plates are SBS footprint robotic compliant
• Use polypropylene plates for chemical resistance
• Flexible Mat Covers are listed below for deep well plates
(Made from autoclavable thermoplastic rubber)

To order LIDS for DeepWells, SEARCH: 'Lids for Plates'.
To order SEALING FILM for DeepWells, SEARCH: 'Sealing Film'.
Recommended Sealing Film:
#ST-3094 (Non-Sterile), or #ST-3095 (Sterile).
From $43.70

LifeLINE™ Polypropylene Lids, Non-Sterile, for Polypropylene MicroPlates & DeepWell Plates

1-LifeLINE Polypropylene Lids
LifeLINE™ Polypropylene Lids
Lids are autoclavable, one-way fitting, and stackable. Lids are designed to fit LifeLINE™ Polypropylene MicroPlates and DeepWell Plates with coinciding Notch Cuts.

24-well, 96-well, & 384-well Lids have recessed individual
well-rings to provide a snug fit, to reduce evaporation, and to minimize condensation.

Non-Sterile, (7x15/case) 105/case
From $56.65

LifeLINE™ Polystyrene Lids, Non-Sterile & Sterile, For Polystyrene MicroPlates & DeepWell Plates

1-LifeLINE Polystyrene Lids
LifeLINE™ Polystyrene Lids
Sterile and Non-Sterile, Lids are made from crystal clear polystyrene. Lids are stackable. Lids are available in Universal fitting without notch cuts, and in one-way fitting for compatible plates. One-Way Lids are designed to fit LifeLINE™ Polystyrene MicroPlates & DeepWell Plates with coinciding Notch Cuts. All lids are packaged RNase, DNase, Pyrogen Free.

Note, Universal fitting Lids will fit all microplates and deep-well plates.

24-well, 96-well, & 384-well Lids are designed with individual recessed well-rings to provide a snug fit, to reduce evaporation, and to minimize condensation as plate closure.
From $61.70

Simport® BioBlock Deep Well Plates

2-Simport BioBlock Deep Well Plates
BioBlock™ Deep Well Plates
• Made of polypropylene, Autoclavable, -150C to +121C
• Conforms to SBS footprint standards
• RNase, DNase, Pyrogen and DNA-free
• DMSO resistant • Alphanumeric grid
• Centrifugation rating up to 6000 x g
• Compatible w/ High Throughput equipment, including Qiagen®
• Mat Covers for 1.2ml and 2.2ml sizes available
From $24.60