PCR Plate Sealing Films & Foils

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96-place PCR plate Sealing Mats

Silicone Rubber Mats
for 96-place PCR plates
From $41.55

Diversified Biotech - Plate Sealing Films

2-DB Plate Sealing Film and Foil
Plate Sealing
• Aluminum Foils for Cold and PCR Storage
• Films for PCR, qPCR, & High Throughput Screening
• Breathable Seals for Cell Culture applications
From $20.80

Non-Sterile, AlumaSeal II™ Sealing Foil for PCR and Cold Storage, Aluminum, AF-100, 100/pack

Strong Aluminum, 36µm (1.5mil) thick Sealing Foil for PCR and Cold Storage
Piercable with pipet tip or robotic probe
For Light Sensitive, Good Moisture barrier
DMSO resistant, Chemical Resistant
Thermostable (-80°C to +120°C)
Non-sterile, 100/pack
Mfgr #AF-100
$74.10 $69.20

Non-Sterile, AlumaSeal-384™ Aluminum PCR Sealing Foil, F-384-100

Non-Sterile, AlumaSeal-384™ Foil PCR* Tape (for 384-well plates), 1.5mil (38µm) thick (piercable), -80ºC to +120ºC, RNase-DNase-Nucleic acid Free. 100/pack
Mfgr F-384-100
From $68.05

Non-Sterile, AlumaSeal-96™ PCR Sealing Foil (Inset Cut), Aluminum, F-96-100, 100/pack

Aluminum PCR Sealing Foil. Inset cut, use with standard or raised-rim plates. 1.5mil (38µm) thick (piercable), -80°C to +120°C
Non-Sterile, 100/pack
Mfgr F-96-100

Non-Sterile, eXTReme FoilSeal Sealing Foils for PCR, long-term compound storage, light sensitive assays and robotics, 100/pack

Non-Sterile, eXTReme™ FoilSeal™ Sealing Foils for PCR, long-term compound storage, light sensitive assays and robotics

Non-Sterile, eXTReme Polyester Seal Films with Special Adhesive for PCR and Storage, 100/pack

eXTReme Polyester Seal Films with special fomulated adhesive for PCR and Storage
Universal fit, Non-Sterile, 100/pack

Non-Sterile, ThermalSeal A (Advanced) Polypropylene PCR Sealing Film, Strong Adhesive, TSA-100

Clear Polypropylene PCR Sealing Film
Stronger-thicker 50µm adhesive layer
Inset Cut allows sealing Standard or Raised-Rim Plates
Two perforated end tabs
Thermostable to -40°C to +125°C
Non-Sterile, 100/pack
$75.75 $62.30

Non-Sterile, ThermalSeal RT 50um (2mil) Polyester RR (Inset Cut) Fits Raised Rim or Standard plates, TS-RT2RR-100, 100/pack

ThermalSeal RT (Real Time) Optically-Clear qPCR Sealing Film
with Inset Cut specifically for Raised Rim (RR) plates
will Seal either standard or raised-rim plates
Non-Sterile 2 mil (50µm); -40°C to 120°C
Made from optically clear polyester
Non-Sterile, 100/pack
(aka ThermalSeal RT2RR)
$119.60 $102.75

Non-Sterile, ThermalSeal RT, 50um (2mil) Optically Clear Polyester Sealing Film for Real Time PCR, TS-RT2-100, 100/pack

ThermalSeal RT (Real Time) Optically-clear PCR/qPCR Sealing Film
Ideal for Real Time PCR
Non-Sterile 2 mil (50µm); -40°C to 120°C
Made from optically clear polyester
Seal standard (non raised-rim) PCR plates
(Such as our PCR plate #LS-9796-100)
Non-Sterile, 100/pack
$122.90 $100.80

Non-Sterile, ThermalSeal RTS Polyolefin Optical PCR Sealing Film, TSS-RTQ-100

RTS (Real Time Select) PCR Sealing Film
Non-Sterile 2 mil (50µm) high optically clear Non-Tacky polyolefin film with 50µm pressure-release (non-tacky) silicone adhesive. Ideal for qPCR. Universally seal Standard or Raised-Rim PCR plates.
Thermostable from -70°C to 100°C.
Non-sterile, 100/pack
$156.00 $142.00

Non-Sterile, ThermalSeal Sealing Film for PCR, Polypropylene, 100-THER-PLT, 100/pack

ThermalSeal PCR Sealing Film
Made from clear 50µm polypropylene
with 25µm acrylic adhesive layer
Thermostable to -40°C to +120°C
Chemical Resistant, Mosisture barrier
Non-Sterile, 100/pack

Need a stronger adhesive, see #ST-3100.
$61.30 $57.10