Pathology Specimen Containers, Multi-Use

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LifeLINE Brand, Specimen Containers, & Tite-Rite™ Containers

2 LifeLINE Specimen Containers
LifeLINE™ Specimen Containers, and Tite-Rite™ Containers
• 4 oz. Specimen Containers (Graduated, Leak-tight, Polyethylene)
.. CHOOSE: Sterile (Aseptic) or Non-Sterile; 1/4-turn or Full Turn
.. Transparent. Sterile Containers include patient information labels
• 5 oz. (150ml) with Leak-Resistant Snap Top Lid (70mm wide)
• 6.5 oz. (165ml) Collection Cup with pour spout without cap
• Tite-Rite Containers provide Leak-tight seal for storage/transport
. . CHOOSE: 2oz.(60ml), 3oz.(90ml), or 4oz.(120ml) size
. . Compatible w/ Pneumatic Tube Systems, Audible Click closure
. . Screwcaps (PE, polyethylene), with inner liner, compresses onto
. . the Container (PP, polypropylene) for a leak-tight seal
. . #TR-6529-120ml containers are Sterile Individually Wrapped
• Containers available w/ Drug Test Temperature Indicator Strip
• Available: Sterile Cleanroon ISO 8 (Individual Wrap Containers)

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Specimen & Pathology Containers (Sterile & Non-Sterile)

1 Specimen & Pathology Containers
Specimen & Pathology Containers
• ScrewCap Specimen Containers (Graduated, Leak-Resistant)
. 1/4-turn, Sterile Individual Wrap or Non-Sterile Unassembled
. Transparent. Sterile Containers include patient information labels
. Available: Temperature Indicator Strip (Liquid Crystal w/Adhesive)
• Press-Close Lid Pathology / Multi-Use Translucent Containers
. Press-Close Containers are Non-Sterile & are not autoclavable
• Capacities for containers range from 2 oz. to 165 oz. sizes
• Resistant to Histo chemicals (10% formalin), Ideal for storage
• Note, these Polyethylene containers are not autoclavable
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