Proteinase K

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Proteinase K
For enzyme digestion during DNA and RNA preparation.

Both OB Protease and Proteinase K offer broad substrate specificity with high activity for a wide range of salts, denaturant and detergent, pH, and temperature conditions. Proteinase K is a subtilisin-type protease isolated from the saprophytic fungus Tritirachiumalbum and is particularly suitable for short digestion times. It possesses a high specific activity which remains stable over a wide range of temperatures and pH values with substantially increased activity at higher temperature. OB Protease is a serine protease isolated froma recombinant Bacillus strain and is an economical alternative to Proteinase K for isolation of native DNA and RNA from a variety of sources. OB Protease is completely free of DNase and RNase activities.
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10ml - Omega Biotek Proteinease K, 20mg/mL, >600mAU/mg, Solution (Ready-to-use)

10 ml size, Proteinase K, 20mg/mL, Solution
Activity: (>600mAU/mg, Solution)
Ready-to-use liquid formulation solution

2ml - Omega Biotek Proteinase K, 20mg/mL, >600mAU/mL Activity, Ready-to-use Solution

2 ml size, Proteinase K, 20mg/mL
Activity: (>600mAU/mg, Solution)
Ready-to-use liquid formulation solution