Western Blotting

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ProtoBlue Safe Stain              ProtoGel Stacking Buffer 
ProtoBlock System                 ProtoBlot Rapid Western Blotting Buffer
PBS                                        ProtoLift Western Stripping Buffer
Insite System                          ProtoGel QuickCast Loading Buffer
Protein Loading Buffer Blue    ProtoMarkers
Coomassie Blue                      ProtoMetrics
ProtoGlow ECL                       Sterling Rapid Silver Stain
ProtoGel 30%, 40%                ProtoStain Blue Protein Stain

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1 liter - ProtoBlue Safe Protein Stain

1 liter, ProtoBlue Safe Protein Stain
Eco Friendly, Nonhazardous, Replaces Coomassie Blue
Made by National Diagnostics.

Sample available, Inquire
at 1-800-245-5774.

1 liter - ProtoStain™ Blue, Safe Protein Stain

1 liter, ProtoStain Blue Protein Stain
More sensitive, to 1ng denatured BSA
Faster, Ready-to-use Coomassie Stain
Safe nonhazard, no methanol or acetic acid
Sample available, Inquire
at 1-800-245-5774.
From $80.35

1 liter bottle, Tris Glycine - Electroblotting Buffer (10X)

National Diagnostic
1 Liter (makes 10L)
1X contains 0.025M Tris base, 0.192M glycine
0.20µm filtered.
18 Megohm Water.
Liquid concentrate.
Ideal for Western Blotting (especially for Small Protein SDS-PAGE)
Made by National Diagnostics.

4 liter - PBS (10X) Phosphate Buffered Saline

(RNase Free)
4 liter (makes 40L)
137nM NaCl, 2.7 nM KCL, 10nM Phosphate Buffer

0.20µm filtered.
18 Megohm Water.
Liquid concentrate.
Made by National Diagnostics.