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Chemiluminescent and Related Products

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Enhanced Chemiluminescent Substrate
• Up Western Blot sensitivity 20 fold
• Extended Signal Life
• Long Shelf Life
• Less Antibody Needed
Choose 200ml kit or 500ml kit

Sample available, Inquire.
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FluoroDye DNA Fluorescent Loading Dye, Green
6X concentration

Specify: 1 ml size, or 1 ml x 5 size when ordering.
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Ready-to-Use, Safe Alternative to Ethidium Bromide
FluoroStain DNA Fluorescent Staining Dye
Green, 10,000X

Specify: 500ul size, or 500ul x 5 size when ordering.
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SmartGlow™ LD (Loading Dye) with Safe Green Stain for Nucleic Acid Gels
(Note - Add directing to DNA sample before pipetting into gel.) Emits green fluorescence when bound to dsDNA, ssDNA, or RNA
1 ml bottle, 6X concentration
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